Owning and Renting Condos 

Among all condos on Oahu, the condos that allow for short-term vacation rentals – often referred to as condo hotels – are very popular. For an out-of-state or overseas owner, a condo hotel allows the owner to utilize while vacationing in Hawaii and otherwise rent out to other vacationers to maximize revenue.

Oahu has three resort neighborhoods – Ko Olina, Turtle Bay and Waikiki – and some of the condos in these neighborhoods – not all – are zoned Resort Hotel, which allows owners to run a short-term vacation rental business, assuming the condo association has not amended their rental rules.

In the following we will review the only Ko Olina condo that allows short-term rentals, the only two Turtle Bay condos that allow short-term rentals and three – out of the many – condos in Waikiki that allow for short-term vacation rentals.

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