Learn How to Earn 10% Passive Income

Creative Real Estate is a multifamily housing operation designed to provide current income for investors.  This secured real estate income vehicle purchases, owns and manages a diversified portfolio of income-producing properties purchased at a discount to produce above market returns.  

A key challenge for many investors is finding a passive investment that generate income yet secured in a manner where they don't have to be concerned about losses.  Every investor dollar is secured by physical assets that produce income each month and pays investors in cash on a quarterly.  Savings accounts are safe places to put money as well, as is bonds and CD's. please see the follow chart.


Large Banks Savings Account Rates

Interest rate on balances0.01%.

Minimum opening deposit$25.

Interest on balances for premium savings accounts Up to 0.02% APY for 

Government Bonds 

US 10-Year Government Bond Interest Rate is at 1.61%, compared to 1.62% last month and 0.67% last year. 

Bank CD 

Today's top widely available 10-year CD pays 0.70% APY. This isn't a very competitive rate, even in a low rate environment, so you may be better off investing in a shorter-term that pays a higher. 

Projected Annual Inflation

Projected annual inflation rate in the United States 

Characteristic Inflation rate

2022*  2.4%

2021*  2.26%

2020* 1.25%

Saving Accounts vs. Inflation Rates
Real Returns on Investments 
When we purchase an apartment building, we become the recipients of the income from the tenants.  So very simply, our fund works as follows:

1. We receive monthly rental payments from our tenants.

2. And we receive profits from properties sold or refinanced after upgrade are made. 

3. We pay our investors a preferred return quarterly. 

1. Receive
Payments from
profits from sales of properties 
Pay Our 
Investor a   Return Quarterly

Investment Benefits

High Current Yield 

Preferred return of 10% paid in cash quarterly 
Tax Efficient 
Portions of the earning are taxed as long term capital gains
Asset- Backed 
Investor is lienholder of all property assets 
Low Leverage 
Expected yield can be earned with minimum leverage 
Open-end income is calculated quarterly 
Experienced Management 
Leading asset managers in multifamily industry

CRE pays a 10% annualized preferred return on a quarterly basis after 3 months.  Since inception the operation we hasn't missed a preferred return payment to investors.

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Project Your Return 

Our Fund allows reinvestment and quarterly compounding.  On a $100.000 investment see projected growth over a 10 year period. 
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10% annual compounded return

Investment  Strategy 

Creative Real Estate has been operating for 14+ years and has an existing, well diversified portfolio. Our income is secured by real estate and currently owns income properties in Alaska and seeking to expand to larger markets. This operation only purchases under performing assets at deep discounts that can bring monthly income. 

CRE is highly selective in the properties it acquires, purchasing only a small percentage of what they evaluate. Prior to purchase, every property is individually evaluated using a  proven system of locating, expertly inspection for hidden damage and analyzed for longer term income ability or fix and flip potential.

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Buy deeply discounted properties, upgrade them & hold for long term cash-flow
Purchase, upgrade and resell after for a least a 20% increase over the purchase price 

On Market Assets

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Our Track Record By the Numbers 

Transaction Completed
Properties under management
Years of Experience