Hard at Work

Preparing yourself mentally

Why is mental toughness so important?


If you feel mentally defeated, chances are small that you will ever get to where you want to go. Whether it's athletics or business, winning – first and foremost – will be absolutely everything. There's nothing you can't do or become when you have a phenomenally strong mindset.

A big part of having that focused mindset is being able to keep pressing forward when the going gets extremely tough, staying positive when negativity attacks, and persisting repeatedly until you finally reach your destination. That's the true definition of mental toughness: displaying an enormous amount of belief, fight and dedication toward a goal that you're passionately pursuing. If you take a look at any category of high achievers regardless of industry, you'll quickly realize that they have displayed an extraordinary level of mental toughness to get to where they are.


How can I build on my mental toughness?


A University of Miami study showed that one of the best ways to build mental toughness is through practicing mindfulness on a consistent basis. Mindfulness is all about directing your energy and thoughts on the present moment without any judgment.


Practice mindfulness daily

Practicing mindfulness daily is a game-changer. Not only are studies showing the importance of mindfulness and detailing the amazing benefits that it provides, but people are extolling it based on personal experience.

Mindfulness calms your mind down from the noisy and chaotic world that we live in; and that calm, in turn, equips you with the strength and peace of mind to keep moving forward even in the face of extreme adversity. Being in tune with the present moment and living fully right where you currently are helps diminish the fear that holds many people back and provides them with the clarity to focus on what's most important.

Practicing mindfulness daily doesn't just help you build mental toughness, it can change your life in so many different ways, such as decreasing daily anxiety and drastically increasing your overall well-being.

Step out of your comfort zone daily

This one may be a lot more difficult than practicing mindfulness, but making it a daily habit to step out of your comfort zone builds an incredible amount of strength.

Just as you would go to the gym to get stronger physically and strive to make your muscles grow, stepping out of your comfort zone daily is what helps you expand your capacity for mental toughness.

The more you seek to step out of your own comfort zone, no matter how uncomfortable it may be at the time, the stronger and better you'll feel. When you plan your day the night before, one of the first things you can do is ask yourself how can you step out of your comfort zone for that particular day. You can't build mental toughness and become resilient by always playing it safe and operating only out of the confines of your comfort zone.